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About Us.

Who We Are

RWH was established by a group of engineers and contractors with extensive experience in the deep foundation and earth retention field. RWH serves markets across Canada with offices located in Ayr, Ontario and Calgary, Alberta.

RWH’s Core Values: Teamwork, Innovation, Service, Sustainability

RWH’s Core Services: Earth Retention, Deep Foundation Design and Precision Monitoring

Our team consists of a multi-disciplinary group of engineers and technologists with backgrounds in construction, design, surveying and project management. We pride ourselves on attracting and retaining employees who are innovative, focused and passionate about engineering and sustainable design.

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What We Do

RWH Engineering specializes in soil/rock stabilization, earth retention structures, and deep foundation design.
Our team consists of a multi-disciplinary group of engineers with backgrounds in construction, design, surveying and project management.
We approach problems as a team to use the knowledge and experience of our members. We believe that combining engineering principles and lessons learned from past projects results in the best solutions.

Geostructural Design

Specializing in civil and geotechnical applications, RWH incorporates extensive experience within the construction industry to provide efficient and constructible solutions to projects. RWH provides designs with a focus on: material usage, construction sequencing, site/soil suitability and cost efficiency.
Through our practical knowledge and active project involvement, RWH is able to maintain a high level of service to our clients by anticipating project challenges and minimizing design changes.
RWH provides site specific geotechnical review and design for shoring and deep foundation systems.

Construction Services

Extensive design-build experience allows RWH to gain valuable insight into detailed construction activities and the effects on project schedule and budget. Understanding construction procedures and sequencing enables RWH to effectively assess, supervise, optimize and provide site review of geostructural projects.
With sustainability being one of RWH’s core values, we pride ourselves in maintaining efficient designs aimed at minimizing the material footprint of the project while maximizing cost savings.
Striving to provide a full breadth of services to our clients, RWH offers multiple scope construction reviews, detailed value engineering and comprehensive analysis to identify risks.
As a proponent of quality assurance RWH provides dedicated supervision of all drilling operations, pile installation, anchor stressing and pile testing activities.

Geostructural Monitoring

RWH Monitoring utilizes the latest precision monitoring techniques and develops specific monitoring programs to help our clients better understand their project’s performance throughout the construction process.
RWH’s team of skilled surveyors, engineers, and project managers allows us to effectively manage complex monitoring projects and assist our clients in tracking the performance of their project. RWH provides monitoring services at all stages of construction to help our clients mitigate risk.
Monitoring benefits:
• Providing an early indication of undesirable performance
• Minimizing the risk of damage to adjacent structures
• Improving control over project cost and schedule
• Helping to eliminate unsubstantiated claims attributed to the construction process

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