Our Services

Our multidisciplinary team of engineers and technologists is dedicated to providing innovative and sustainable solutions tailored to your project's unique requirements.

Specializing in civil and geotechnical applications, RWH incorporates extensive experience within the construction industry to provide efficient and constructible solutions to a variety of projects. RWH provides designs with a focus on: material usage, construction sequencing, site/soil suitability, and cost efficiency.

Through our practical knowledge and active project involvement, RWH is able to maintain a high level of service to our clients by minimizing design changes and anticipating project challenges.

RWH provides site specific geotechnical review and design for geostructural systems.

Specializing in civil, structural support and geostructural applications, RWH utilizes the latest precision monitoring techniques and develops monitoring programs to better understand project performance throughout the construction process.

RWH’s team of skilled surveyors, engineers, and project managers allows us to effectively manage complex monitoring projects and assist our clients in tracking the performance of their project. RWH provides monitoring services at all stages of construction to help our clients mitigate risk.

Each project we undertake is tailored with a unique, project specific, precision monitoring program to meet the needs of our clients.

Benefits of Monitoring:

  • Verify design assumptions by reviewing performance during construction
  • Provide indication of unfavorable performance and respond to unexpected movements or conditions
  • Minimize the risk of damage to adjacent structures and/or sensitive infrastructure
  • Improving control over project cost and schedule
  • Help to manage/mitigate unsubstantiated claims attributed to the construction process

Extensive design-build experience has allowed RWH to gain valuable insight into the details of construction activities and the effects on project schedule and costs. Understanding construction procedures and sequencing enables RWH to effectively assess, supervise, optimize, and provide site review of geostructural projects.


As a proponent of quality assurance, RWH provides dedicated field supervision of all construction installation activities, tieback anchor performance testing and proof stressing, and load testing for caissons, driven piles, helicals and micropiles.

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