Who We Are

Founded by experienced engineers and contractors, RWH specializes in deep foundation and earth retention solutions. Serving all Canada, we emphasize teamwork, innovation, service, and sustainability.

Our Core Services are Earth Retention, Deep Foundation Design, and Precision Monitoring

Our multidisciplinary team of engineers and technologists combines expertise in construction, design, surveying, and project management. We attract and retain passionate, innovative, and sustainability-focused professionals.

Our Core Values are Teamwork, Innovation, Service, and Sustainability

Our core values guide us in achieving excellence through collaborative efforts, pioneering solutions, unparalleled client satisfaction, and sustainable engineering practices.

What We Do

RWH Engineering Inc. specializes in civil and geostructural applications including excavation support shoring and soil/rock stabilization earth retention systems, and deep foundation design. In addition to design, we provide a large scope of precision monitoring and construction services including extensive load testing and QA/QC programs.
With sustainability being one of RWH’s core values, we pride ourselves in maintaining efficient designs aimed at minimizing the material footprint of the project to provide cost savings.

Striving to provide a full scope of services to our clients, RWH offers comprehensive construction reviews, detailed value engineering and analysis to identify risks, as well as field and monitoring services.

RWH can provide your next project with a tailored solution to meet the site-specific requirements and constraints.

Geostructural Design

With a focus on civil and geotechnical applications, RWH offers efficient, constructible solutions. We prioritize material usage, construction sequencing, site/soil suitability, and cost efficiency. Our hands-on approach enables us to anticipate challenges and minimize design changes, providing high-quality service to clients.

Construction Services

Our design-build experience allows us to understand construction activities' impact on project schedules and budgets. By focusing on sustainability, we create efficient designs that minimize material footprints and maximize cost savings. RWH offers comprehensive construction reviews, value engineering, risk analysis, and quality assurance.

Geostructural Monitoring

RWH Monitoring employs the latest techniques and customized monitoring programs to track project performance during construction. Our team of surveyors, engineers, and project managers effectively manages complex monitoring projects, helping clients mitigate risks. Monitoring benefits include early performance indicators, reduced damage risks, improved cost and schedule control, and the elimination of unsubstantiated claims.

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