Construction Services

Extensive design-build experience has allowed RWH to gain valuable insight into the details of construction activities and the effects on project schedule and costs. Understanding construction procedures and sequencing enables RWH to effectively assess, supervise, optimize, and provide site review of geostructural projects.

Static and Dynamic (PDA) Load Testing

RWH has trained technicians and engineers to complete on-site dynamic testing of caissons and driven piles, while providing all PDA testing equipment, and tools and hardware required. CAPWAP analysis of the data collected onsite is performed, complete with load test report package.

Pre/Post Construction Surveys

RWH offers pre-construction condition surveys of adjacent structures, properties, and surrounding infrastructure. As part of the construction review, a complete condition assessment report and photographic record of the existing conditions is provided.

While not always required as part of the building permit process, if unsubstantiated claims of property damage are anticipated from adjacent property owners, a visual condition inspection of the structures and roadways/infrastructure in the influence of the project site is recommended.


RWH provides onsite field services and supervision to ensure quality of work through all phases of construction. RWH has a dedicated field team responsible for planning, and maintaining supervised controls, quality assurance, and quality control procedures and practices.

Accurate records of completed work, inspections, and anchor performance testing and stressing are covered under our site services and reporting. This helps to ensure quality issues are identified onsite and ensure corrective actions are properly implemented.

Drill Rig Platform Design

As per Ontario Regulation 345/15, a designed and certified working surface platform is required for all rotary foundation drill rigs capable of exerting ground pressures greater than 200kPa. The platform must adequately support the equipment in the site-specific ground conditions. The design is completed factoring in complex loading conditions and operational requirements to ensure the drilling equipment can work effectively and safely.

RWH provides the initial inspection, design and certification for drill rig working platforms. Once constructed, a maintenance program with routine inspections is completed to ensure the quality of the working surface remains operational over its intended service life.

With RWH’s experience of soil conditions and practical knowledge, we aim to provide economical solutions for the design and certification of drill rig working surfaces for all site ground conditions and operational considerations.

Other Site Services

RWH provides assistance and construction services to our clients on a variety of projects. Listed below are some examples of construction and field services provided on past projects:

  • Constructability Assessments
  • Site Optimization
  • Post-Installation Loading/verification of Steel Elements


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