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York Durham Sanitary Sewer.

Project Description

The Pickering York Durham Sewage System (YDSS) project involved upgrading an active 70 year old, nine foot diameter cast-in-place sanitary sewer servicing the City of Pickering. The access shaft excavation needed to be carried out beneath the existing sewer for the construction of a connection chamber and second sewage line to accommodate the rehabilitation. The depth of the excavation required the existing sewer to be suspended while active, increasing the risk of the concrete sewer cracking and overflowing the shaft.

RWH Monitoring (RWH) was contracted to monitor the stress and stability of the sewer, the supporting steel frame and the top of the shoring system in an effort to manage the risks of the project. RWH designed and implemented a complete automated monitoring system where readings (accurate to 1 millimeter) were presented in real-time from an online platform. The monitoring system consisted of inclinometers, tilt-meters, extensometers, strain gauges and piezometers. This project demonstrated RWH’s ability to provide a custom monitoring system to manage risk, act as an early warning system and protect surrounding assets.

Project Details

  • Client Strabag
  • Date March 22, 2015
  • Tags Monitoring
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