Broccolini Townhome Development and Mountain Equipment Co-op

Soldier Piles and Lagging

Project Description

A new Broccolini Townhome Development and a Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) retail center required a joint three-phase shoring system. The 28,000 SF shoring wall was designed by RWH Engineering Inc. (RWH) as a soldier piles and lagging system. Rakers were used to support the shoring next to existing neighbouring buildings. Tiebacks were implemented throughout the remaining wall and were designed to remain within the property line as encroachment was not available. RWH worked closely with Broccolini to efficiently stage the shoring to accommodate the different phases. Special waler connection details were required to tie together the shoring walls from each phase. Attention to detail and proficient communication were key to the project’s success.
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