The New Liskerd Solar Farm - Micropiles Project


Project Description

The New Liskeard Solar Farm project required the installation of approximately 1800 piles for solar panels near North Bay, Ontario. The initial pile design for the project proved to be inadequate, leading the owner to contact HCM to complete the remaining piles as well as remediate the existing failed piles. RWH Engineering Inc. (RWH) provided the Rubble Pile design as a solution to the difficult soil conditions which were causing the original pile failures. The Rubble Pile was designed specifically for solar farms with challenging soils to resist the frost jacking loads. HCM installed five test piles on site to verify the capacity and yielded positive results. The remedial pile was designed so that it could be installed by drilling through the existing failed pipe piles, eliminating the need for the removal of the existing piles and saving the project time.
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